Do I really need a website, or will my Facebook page be enough?

A website allows the customer, investors, partners, suppliers and journalists to learn a bit more about you and your service/goods. It is also more powerful from an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – the tool used to help you rank well on Google search) perspective where having content with keywords on your own domain will ensure your business is being found for those keywords and directed back to your website.

Pros for having a FB page

Facebook allows you to address your target audience and is a great platform to keep customers updated on new products or promote additional product aspects. It is also a great tool to remarket products or services by repeatedly posting.

There are some businesses that can get away with just having a Facebook business page such as beauticians, hairdressers and tradespeople since most of their audience and customers are on there and rarely search for their services via the web.

At PMG, our experience shows that even small businesses that don’t need a website, still decide to create one to provide that ‘window to their business’, enhance their online presence and boost their SEO.

So, to wrap it up, do you really need a website? Do you really need a Facebook page? Yes to both. But a Facebook page shouldn’t be solely relied upon to promote and make your business exist.

We can design a personalized website for you that provides that online presence for your business to suit your timescales and budget.  And with our SEO capabilities, we ensure that your website can be seen and found on a search engine such as Google.  Contact Jackie at to discuss any website queries.