How do I ensure my website is optimised for Google searches?

During the creation of a website, SEO techniques are essential to us to raise the search rankings in Google. Without SEO, there’s no chance of your website being found on google when searching relevant keywords. In our previous blog What’s the best way of keeping my website fresh and how often should I update it? we referred to the importance of updating content to enhance SEO.

Here is a broad 4 step process that can be used

Step 1; Target Market Business Analysis

Its important to first analyse meta-sets, keywords and visible text and then examine competitors search engine rankings to create an effective positioning strategy. This helps developing a list of targeted search terms relating to your market segment and customer base.

Step 2; Keyword Research and Development

Using your preliminary list, nominate further keywords to determine an estimation of recent search engine queries and how many websites are competing for each word. TOP TIP: use commonly misspelled keywords.

Step 3; Content Optimisation

Creating keyword-based page titles will give direction for your keywords as well as meta-tags that can encourage click-throughs but aren’t directly used to improve rankings. Another method would be to submit your URL to major search engines by professional search marketers which will naturally get links back to your site and get your site indexed by search engine.

Step 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring

It’s essential that after SEO is implemented, that individual keyword performance is tested and recorded. To continue improving search engine rankings, keywords should be modified as necessary to prevent growth from stalling or declining from neglect.

Of course SEO is not a one off fix, it needs consistency and time to achieve the best results

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