What’s the best way of keeping my website fresh and how often should I update it?

A website should be regularly updated with fresh content such as new pages, images, videos, and blog content. At PMG we recommend that our customers should update their website monthly. . Business websites are one of the most difficult to update as most of the content doesn’t change, but blogs on relevant current topics can be an addition to any website to keep content fresh and traffic flowing. Let’s first understand what fresh content is and why it is essential for your website.

Fresh content can be either be adding a new page or new  content on your website which adds value for the consumer.

What are the benefits of having fresh content?

SEO enhancements

Google will list your site based on a combination of factors such as incoming links, how often it is updated and keyword frequency. The better quality and reliability of information there is, the higher chance of Google raising the search ranking of your site with each update. 

Excellent for social media

Regular updates provide new content for social media. Social media amplifies your content driving traffic back to your site therefore benefiting your SEO.


Customers who visit your site regularly will lose interest if the content on it remains the same.  By regularly adding new words, images and video content on your website you are showing your customers something different each time they visit, maximising their engagement.

So, imagine you visited two websites selling the same product, the only difference being one was updated this year and the other was updated two years ago, which one would you trust and want to do business with? Regularly updating your site lets customers know that you are active and care about their customers. It encourages customers to buy since it seems more legitimate than one that hasn’t been changed for some time.

Since the majority of website development projects are outsourced by businesses, PMG provide an after service where they give you control over your website, teaching you how to regularly update your website after it goes live, saving you time and money and giving you full control over the content you wish to add to the site, when you want to add it.

We can design a personalised website for you that provides that online presence for your business to suit your timescales and budget.  And with our SEO capabilities, we ensure that your website can be seen and found on a search engine such as Google.  Contact Jackie at info@digi-fusion.co.uk to discuss any website queries.